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"Music to Watch the Clouds on a Sunny Day"

21 August 2014

KK NULL Cryptozoon X //// Fall 2014


20 June 2014

Father Murphy on WFMU – Jersey City, NJ


Live set + Interview with Scott Williams! https://wfmu.org/playlists/SW
Tune in June 30th (3:01 - 6)PM WFMU


27 May 2014

OUT NOW - Wand / Inutili 7” Vinyl -Good Bye Boozy Records / Aagoo

Good Bye Boozy Records and Aagoo bring you: Inutili “ Easy Leaving” and Wand - Self Hypnosis In Three Days. - GB 89 AGO 74 -

Wand is Cory Hanson (W.H.I.T.E. ,Chad and the Meat Bodies) Daniel Martens (Zulus,
Battleship) Evan Burrows (behavior), and lee Landey who plays in a band called agowilt.They are from Los Angles Calfornia. This song was Recorded and mixed at the Sweat Lodge by Ty Segall.

Inutili are Alessandro "abarth" on drums, Danilo "super-lazy" guitar/voice and Pietro "four hands" on guitar/bass. Inutili are from From
Teramo, Italy. Easy Leaving was recorded at Torricella studios 2014.

05 May 2014

Father Murphy North American Tour 2014:

Father Murphy North American Tour dates.

05/08/2014 Ortlieb's Tavern - Philadelphia, PA
05/11/2014 Bar Banditos - Richmond, VA
05/14/2014 Mothlight - Asheville, NC
05/15/2014 Caledonia - Athens, GA
05/16/2014 Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
05/18/2014 Mango's - Houston, TX
05/23/2014 Spirit Abuse - Albuquerque, NM
05/24/2014 Flycatcher - Tucson, AZ
05/26/2014 The Handbag Factory - Los Angeles, CA
05/27/2014 Night Light - Oakland, CA
05/28/2014 Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, CA
05/29/2014 Bat Cave - Arcata, CA
05/30/2014 The East End - Portland, OR
05/31/2014 Northern - Olympia, WA
06/01/2014 Lofi - Seattle, WA
06/03/2014 Neurolux - Boise, ID
06/05/2014 Hi Dive - Denver, CO
06/07/2014 Reckless Records Showcase - Chicago, IL
06/08/2014 Joyful Noise Performing Space - Indianapolis, IN
06/09/2014 Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH
06/10/2014 Meddlesome Lab - Rochester, NY
06/12/2014 Boston Hassle - Boston, MA
06/13/2014 House Show - Providence, RI
06/14/2014 Feeding Tube Records - Northampton, MA
06/15/2014 The Urban Farm Fermentory - Portland, ME
06/16/2014 Suoni per il popolo Festival - Montreal, QC
06/18/2014 Death By Audio - Brooklyn, NY
6/23/2014 Live on WFMU - Jersey City, NJ

29 April 2014

Inutili Music to Watch the Clouds on a Sunny Day -OUT NOW-

The Styrofoam Drone had this to say:

"These two songs unfold in the noisiest way possible and both have their own nasty edge. With each track taking up a 20 minute side of the 12″, there’s plenty of time for this stuff to go completely berserk before settling back down again. Each track is like a shape-shifting mess, imploding in on itself again and again only to reform in some other monumental way. B-side “Drunk of Colostro” begins easy enough with a bluesy leaning guitar chord, but even then you can feel the madness that’s about to take place. Low-end bass frequencies form into this thick, buzzing block, dipping deep below the murky water to create a slithering psychedelic moment about 6 minutes in."

Julien Cope wrote : "the fabulous vinyl Ur-Funk of Inutili’s MUSIC TO WATCH THE CLOUDS ON A SUNNY DAY, two side-long pieces that put me in mind of prime time Parson Sound, and which perpendiculared my brainium from the off. Holy Shit this is indeed, all pivoting around a massive and elliptical bass rumble, and engineered by a saint of a sound engineer who hates drummers enough to keep those fuckers D O W N ! Better still, Inutili are possessed of a somewhat amazing drummer, whose propellant style and over caffeinated pulsations haul these Wahmongers over the VU-limits again and again and a-fucking-gain! Grooves both lümpen and swinging, moves both stealthy and mining, oh boy, ain’t it funky!"

21 April 2014

connect_icut - Small Town by the Sea - Out now!

Small Town by the Sea (April 21, 2014), is simultaneously connect_icut's most accessible and most ambitious album. It's the first to feature a truly solid rhythmic underpinning (aka beats) but it also packs in all manner of epic song structures, processed field recordings and general psychedelic madness.

Dedicated to connect_icut's home-base in Vancouver, Canada, Small Town by the Sea twists familiar environmental sound tropes (bird song, ocean waves) into new shapes, creating an uncannily powerful sense of place and time. As with all connect_icut productions, the results are both enveloping and ominous...

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/connect_icut/sets/small-town-by-the-sea

20 April 2014

Deison & Mingle ~ Everything Collapse[d] out now.

DEISON & MINGLE - Everything Collapse(d) is OUT NOW!

CD/LP/DL (Aagoo/Rev.Lab.)

FULL ALBUM STREAMING AT THE NEW NOISE :http://www.thenewnoise.it/deison-mingle-everything-collapsed-full-album-stream/

The fourth entry in the REV. Lab. series is Deison & Mingle - Everything Collapse(d)

Everything Collapse(d), an album centred around melancholy and desolation; a concept that does not leave much hope, forcing you to look within yourself. A foreign body coming from far away: sidereal matter which about to implode; an object that has reached its limit. And everything collapses, swallowed up by itself.

Everything Collapse(d) is a perfect union of our two sounds: drones, field recordings and processed loops intermingled with disturbed rhythms, melancholy harmonies and piano chimes. A gloomy and dirty electronic sound that turns into an extremely evocative score which is full of pathos. A precise, precious and cosmic album... One Million Parsec From Your Sun.
North-east Italy, late summer 2013: Cristiano Deison and Andrea Gastaldello (aka Mingle) meet online and begin to lay the foundations for what will be their first project together.
Drones, field recordings and processed loops intermingled with disturbed rhythms, melancholy harmonies and piano chimes.
A gloomy and dirty electronic sound that turns into an extremely evocative score which is full of pathos.

In 2013 Bas Mantel began curating and designing the REV. Lab. series in collaboration with Aagoo Records -Alec Dartley-.
The sound and tone of the label finds its inspiration in electronic, ambient, experimental, cinematic and abstract sound scapes/compositions.
This series investigates the relation between the graphic translation of the music and its physical output.

"Il vorticoso ruotare di queste note sibilline rappresenta la bellezza sperticata di questo pericolante lavoro". (Musica Popolare)

"In the end, everything collapses, but it's been such a lovely fall". (A Closer Listen)

"Non c'è bisogno di aggiungere altro: una delle migliori release di inizio anno". (Industrial Revolution)

VIDEO TEASER: http://vimeo.com/89691266
SOUNDS: https://soundcloud.com/aagoo/deison-mingle-everything

24 February 2014

April 2014 Releases.


11 February 2014

Father Murphy – Pain Is On Our Side Now

Now a duo they return with a new EP "Pain Is On Our Side Now". Some early press:

"Pain is on Our Side Now is a fascinating listen. It’s an unapologetic venture into head music and contains some powerful compositions. It’s steeped in a sense of reverence, but one that looks below, rather than expecting anything from above."
(Drowned In Sound)

Opening track Let The Wrong Rise With You is a hell bred snarling beast of an incitement, a sonic predator with slavering -3noise sculpted jaws and deviously deceptive intent. A slow stalking yet voraciously breathing mix of industrial like scarring and psychedelic ambient seared with melodic cinders, the piece envelops the senses and emotions, its dawning and slowly towering presence revealing the bowels of hell and the beauty of submission.
(The Ringmaster Review)

USA tour dates coming soon:
Feb 13 The Space Cadet Madrid, Spain
Feb 15 La Lupita del Raval Barcelona, Spain
Feb 18 Les Hauts Parleurs Villefranche De Rouergue, France
Feb 19 Les Pavillons Sauvages Toulouse, France
Feb 20 Le Bocal Caen, France
Feb 21 La Mecanique Ondulatoire w/Les Agamemnonz, Los dos hermanos Paris, France
Feb 22 Le Sud Rotterdam, Netherlands RSVP Share
Feb 24 The Outer Church @ Caroline of Brunswick w/MX LX, Slow Listener Brighton, United Kingdom
Feb 25 Power Lunches, w/MX LX, Dj Fitz (Doodcast) London, United Kingdom
Feb 26 St. John's Crypt w/MX LX Bristol, United Kingdom
Feb 27 the Eagle Inn Salford w/Locean & Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura Manchester, United Kingdom
Feb 28 13th Note, w/No Island, Kabobo Glasgow, United Kingdom
Mar 01 Lee Rosy Nottingham, United Kingdom e
Mar 04 La Péniche Lille, France Tickets
Mar 05 L'Apart Café Reims, France
Mar 06 London Calling Brussels, Belgium
Mar 07 Incubated @013 w/Deerhoof Tilburg, Netherlands
Mar 08 La Chaouée w/ Human Song Metz, France
Mar 13 OCCII Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar 14 Villa Te Koop Den Haag, Netherlands
Mar 15 VOORUIT Gent, Belgium
Mar 16 Le Bourg w/MX LX Lausanne, Switzerland

31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 was a fine year for Aagoo. Thank you to everyone who supported the label. It would not be the same without you! I hope this year brings everyone Happiness!
The first release of 2014 is a split with the mighty Boring Machines label. Father Murphy "Pain is on our side now" EP - Out January 27th (EU/UK) and February 11th(USA) , 2014.
Here is the teaser video.